Sharon’s Story

On the 22nd of February this year, our beautiful friend and much-loved family member Sharon Whyte McCloskey went to see her GP as she was feeling tired and fed up all the time. Not sure about you guys, but we have all done this so many times, maybe thinking our iron is a bit low or wondering are we low in vitamin B12?

What we don’t expect to hear is “You have blood cancer. Not only do you have blood cancer, but it’s aggressive and chemo is needed immediately”. You don’t expect to be whisked off to the hospital and informed that you need to tell your precious children that you might not see them for a long time because you have cancer and have a gruelling road ahead filled with chemo, sickness and the reality that this disease might just take your life!

You do not expect to sit with your 10, 7 and 3 year old sons within weeks and ask them to shave your beautiful hair off, doing so in an attempt to make them feel a part of your journey and trying your best to create an illusion in them of joining you on a wild adventure or simply: “look at silly Mummy getting her hair shaved off!!” All much more preferable than the fear and sorrow of the reality that Mummy, Daddy and these innocent boys have been thrown in too.

This is what happened to Sharon and this can just as easily happen to you.

  • I need one special stranger who will be a lifeline

  • and the chance I need to survive.

About our Campaign

Our aim is to raise awareness on Blood Cancer and encourage as many people as we can to register to donate their blood and save as many lives as they can in the process. Cancer does not care about Sharon or us. It does not care if you are young or old, a parent or child, rich or poor.

It does not care if you have hopes for yours or your children’s future.

It does not care if you have booked holidays or started preparing for special occasions. Cancer does not care.

But we do.

How to Help!

Order your stem cell swab kit from the Anthony Nolan trust (16-30 year olds) or DKMS (30-55 year olds) click on the links below.

We can save Sharon’s and countless other people’s lives by this one simple act - because in Sharon’s own words: “I need an angel, a stranger, someone I’ve never met

Will you be that angel?